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Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories   (April, 2014)


'Insignia Vol.2' includes 7 Chinese fantasy stories with a mix of urban, literary, contemporary, myth-based, and historical fantasy pieces.

PART I: Young Adult/Adventure Tales

'The Bones Shine Through With Light' by Joyce Chng
'Looking for Trouble' by Joyce Chng
'The Great Qilin' by Kelly Matsuura

PART II: Adult/Literary Tales

'The Red String of Fate' by Holly Kench
'Maidens of the Yangze' by Kelly Matsuura
'Black Smoke and Water Lilies' by David Jon Fuller **
'The Ghost Bride' by Kelly Matsuura

Rated 13+

*Cover was updated July, 2015

**This story was added July, 2015


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