Parting Skies    (June 25th, 2013)


Parting Skies is an anthology of six light fantasy stories, ranging in length from 600 – 4300 words.

The Drumming: Secrets eat away at you, Selena knows all too well. But while working on an archaeological dig in Tasmania she encounters a mysterious animal from the spirit world that helps her lay a dark secret to rest.

Into the Dawn:  Izzy lives a lonely life. A runaway from the Fae world, she spends her nights with human men, looking for a love she knows she can never really have.

The Cardinal: Aiden thinks he has found the perfect girl in Celine: she's sexy, confident, and holds a certain sexual power over him. But why does he prickle with jealousy every time he sees the little red cardinal outside her window?

A Beautiful Day: Perry, a selkie, finds herself in trouble yet again. Luckily her captors don’t know what she really is.  

Never Seen: On a hidden island in the Indian Ocean, Chaiama prepares for her night of transformation. The king will give her extraordinary power, but is it worth all that she will lose?  

Two Hearts: Adel has fallen for a human woman, but the longer he stays away from Alfheim, the darker his heart becomes. He must find a way to tether himself to earth before he hurts someone, namely, Jessalyn.

*Also includes the short story Three Ballerinas from Stirring Winds.

* The author has rated this book PG-16 (questionable content for children under 16).

                 Read the PDF sample on the Short Stories page.