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Short Stories

Parting Skies (Anthology #2) - sample
This PDF sample of 'Parting Skies' contains one short story.
The Drumming
Secrets eat away at you, Selena knows all too well. But while working on an archaeological dig in Tasmania she encounters a mysterious animal from the spirit world that helps her lay a dark secret to rest.
(approx.3000 words).
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Stirring Winds (Anthology #1) - sample
This PDF sample of 'Stirring Winds' contains one short story.
Three Ballerinas
Elise left Japan nine years ago, but still regrets the decisions she made then. She hopes that returning to Nagoya will set her heart free.
(approx. 1000 words).
Stirring Winds Sample

Stirring Winds Sample

Hell's Village
Hajime lives in a Japanese town filled with ghosts, witches, demons, and other paranormal creatures. How will he handle learning that he is one of them?
(approx. 2500 words).
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Year of the Horse
Two short creative non-fiction stories about the year I lived in China.
(approx. 1400 words).
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NEW! Someone Like Me
Trinh Pham is Vietnamese-Australian girl with a unique ability. She meets Yuki, a Japanese boy who has his own secret and is also looking for someone who can understand..
(approx. 4600 words).
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